Massachusetts criminal lawyers-sexual abuse

Allegations of sexual misconduct are subject to extremely serious penalties and these crimes are generally punished more severely than any other offense except murder. Sexual misconduct is rarely witnessed by other then the accuser and accused and the risk of conviction of an innocent person is considerably higher in these cases.

In today's climate, allegations of unwanted sexual advances, child molestation are often investigated and prosecuted without sufficient evidence.
The law currently has dramatically weighed in on protecting the rights of the alleged victim and often highly relevant evidence is excluded from trial, such as an accusers past sexual conduct.

Sexual misconduct cases require an experienced combination of effective legal counsel, investigation and negotiation before indictment.
Where conviction seems inevitable experts are used to explore treatment and supervision alternatives to time or psychiatric hospitalization.

Ou lawyers arer experienced in all allegations of public exposure, indecent assault, rape and related matters.

If you have been accused of a sexual offense contact us for a confidential discussion with an experienced attorney.

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