Massachusetts Criminal Records: Sealed Expunged

Massachusetts Criminal Records

Sealing and Expunging Massachusetts Criminal Records: Consequences of Massachusetts Criminal Convictions

The indirect consequences of a criminal conviction may be much more serious than the main punishment. Pleading guilty or being convicted can result in the loss of the right to vote, hold public office, drive a car, visit or obtain child custody, own a gun, live in public housing, obtain employment, remain in the country, be registered as a sex offender (or face commitment as a sex offender), be subject to money damages and added insurance charges. Adequate representation must evaluate the entire situation and deal with the consequences of a having a criminal record.

If you need an attorney to deal with a prior conviction, we are experienced in privatizing your criminal systems history board information.

Massachusetts has one of the toughest sealing statutes in the country. If convicted, you could have to wait 15 years after a felony or 10 years after a misdemeanor before an administrative agency is allowed to seal a record on petition. A CWF is a conviction for record sealing purposes. A judge can shorten this time on motion, which is why a lawyer skilled in record sealing is recommended . Even then, it is not automatic and is up to a judge's discretion. Sealing a record is made upon motion to the court by your attorney. A large number of many people who contact us have just been convicted last year and want it sealed. This usually cannot be done. It can be done under certain other circumstances, and other convictions like first offense personal use of drugs, case or count dismissed (not closed) nolle prosequie, no probable cause, verdict of not guilty (all crimes) pre-trial probation (all are crimes).

Contact us online using the link below for a consultation and a fee quote. Fees to seal a criminal record usually start at $2500.00 and the fees can be higher depending on the cirmcumstances. Our attorney's have sealed criminal records for both corporate executives and career criminals.

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